ChampBot 2019

Challenge Overview

Updated rules for 2019 as of June. Changes will be noted in bold when and if they are made


There will be a $50 Registration fee for any ChampBots wishing to compete in the main challenge. The Regatta will be free and open to all. Please fill out the following form to register. Registration Form Deadline is Sept 8th!

The Course

The course will be similar to years past with a few modifications. The overall layout is detailed in the course map this will be updated to show Cleaning up soon. Pictures of the targets, Food, etc can be found here. The following sections are as follows.

The Islands

This is the only part of the course that has a time bonus the scoring is detailed in the Scoring Rubric section. When a bot crosses the starting line the timing will start, the bot will then navigate the islands in a slalom fashion and then when going through the final buoy markers the time will stop

Feeding Baby Champ

The objective of this is to drop a piece of champ food (a section of pool noodle with 1/2" PVC pipe in the middle with a string loop) into baby champs nest (a floating PVC square 2ft by 2ft). Points will be awarded for the food ending up in the nest.

Fire Breather

The objective of this is to light a hanging target on fire. There will be a piece of paper hung from a frame. See the pictures linked above for more details.

Going For A Dip

The objective of this is to submerge under the water. There will be two levels of submersion each with different points awarded. A partial submersion is a visible change of the bulk of the bot changing from being above the water to submerging and then after 10 seconds, resurfacing. With a partial submersion the head of champ can remain above the surface. For a full submersion all of the bot must be below the surface, the only exception are the flag and an antenna.

Overall timing limits

While the entire course is not timed, there is a 10 minute time maximum for each attempt. Each team will be given a maximum of 2 attempts and the higher scoring will be the one that is used.

Bot Requirements

All of the bots must resemble “Champ” the mythical lake monster that lives in Lake Champlain. They also must be able to withstand the weather and waves of the lake. The competition will happen rain or shine and based on years past, there will be wind and waves. Please plan accordingly. Some of the technical requirements are as follows.


There is no specific size requirements, but the bot must be small enough to navigate through the islands, but also robust enough to be able to handle lake champlain.


The robot must be reasonably safe to the course volunteers in case of an emergency or failure. Any mechanisms that are used for the fire breathing challenge must be able to be disabled and labeled accordingly. The bot must also not damage the course

The Flag

This year to avoid confusion and assist the judges we will provide each team a “flag” that will need to be attached to their bot. It will consist of a 2 ft piece of #8 threaded rod with a laminated colored paper triangle on the top (approx 5” tall). It will need to be affixed to your bot so it is vertical and easily visible.

Scoring Rubric

CategoryMax PointsEarned By
Design Aesthetics125Resemblance to the mythical lake monster
Build Quality - Technical125Having a well thought out, designed, and fabricated champ
Build Quality - Artistic125Quality and attention to detail for the overall look
The Islands200This is 200 minus your time in seconds it took to complete the islands obstacle. For example a robot completing in 75 seconds would earn 125 points
Feeding Baby Champ75Successfully putting the champ food in the nest
Fire Breathing150Setting fire to the target
Going for a dip150 / 200150 points for a partial and 200 points for a full submersion of at least 10 seconds
Maximim Score1000


Subject to change

CategoryMax PointsEarned By
First Place$1250Top point score
Second Place$750Second highest point score
Third Place$500Third highest point score
Peoples Choice$500Peoples Choice (most votes cast)


If you have any questions, feel free to email us at: